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An innovative device to evolve your iPad.
Compatible with iPad Air 2 and 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

Stylish design

The world’s first back-typing Bluetooth keyboard (QWERTY keyboard).

When you use your iPad with T-BLADE attached, you may feel your iPad grew its wings.

iPad is a super computer which enables you to do the things you want such as net-surfing, checking E-mails, video editing/photo editing, writing a report and reading in various locations.

“T-BLADE” is a device that will further evolve these activities. While on the move, in business situations and when you visited a new city, you would gain freedom.

“T-BLADE” can perform in various scenes.

On the move

Enables you to have stress-free typing using the back-typing QWERTY keyboard at “anytime” and “anywhere” on the move.

Checking E-mails and writing reports become easier regardless of a selected location with “T-BLADE.”


Product Name T-BLADE
273W X 20D X 175H
Key Switch Pantograph keyboard
Connectivity Bluetooth